Saturday, 2 July 2011

The first harvest.

The first fruits (and veg) of my labours are ripening and making their way to my kitchen table.

This week has brought beetroot, radish, rocket and cutting celery. The salad potatoes are ready this weekend, and about 12 peapods are swolllen in a 'pick meeeee' manner.

Small Roar's 'butterfly garden' wild flower bed is beginning to bloom and smells amazing. The snapdragons make me smile and really do have the most lustrously textured petal of any flower I have seen. The deep red are like velvet and the pale pink silk, bright yellow like crisp cotton and burgundy like cordurouy. An amazing plant.

I finally have Sweet William planted. My favourite flower. I love the fact you can just leave it to do it's thing...

The carrots, onions, icicle radish and runner beans carry on growing. The large potatoes are starting to die back so another harvest is not far off. I have aubergines to plant out, and a thornless blackberry waiting to fill in the empty bed at the far end of the garden.

Last night I lay on the grass until darkness fell, just listening to the whole thing grow...

I leave you with a little visitor we had. How can something so devestating to my plants be so utterly fascinating?