Saturday, 27 August 2011

Art help!

I am just musing over our bedroom, as it pretty close to how we want it (impractical stripped wooden floor aside, I'll have to make do with carpet). There is, however, a bare wall. It's too close to the en-suite door to hold shelves, so a large print would work perfectly. This is the space:

Please ignore the ugly fan (and carpet)!

The artwork already on the walls are these two framed prints, and I am starting a collection of hearts over the bed:

So, what will work? Obviously I have a thing for muted shades of white with the odd red splash, and literary/ scandinavian themes...

This is still on my 'I want' list:

Literary map from The Literary Gift Company. It is beautiful, in the right tones and reflects a large part of my life (literature).

BUT I also have a thing for folk art. Especially American folk art, like Clare Rojas...

(Pic courtesy of Ikon gallery)

See those colours? Shapes? Figures? patterns? O. M. G. That's the kind of work I would love to own.

I don't know whether the map would work somewhere else in the house (craft room maybe?). I am searching for some Rojas-lite-esque prints, but with no luck.

Any ideas?

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  1. Well, I love that UK print! That would look beautiful..