Thursday, 24 June 2010

On the subject of Mumford and Sons...

OK, I have an admission to make. I like New Folk and Americana. I like it in a Cath Kidston n' Bunting kind of way. Basically, in an incredibly irritating Middle Class way. I like Eliza Carthy, Gillian Welch, Bright Eyes and The Mountain Goats. I hear a mandolin and get my wallet out. My dream decor is a mixture of shaker, Norwegian kitsch and random mis matched cups and saucers (preferably displaying hand picked bluebells from my cottage garden). My husband came home this week to find me in the kitchen, wearing an apron, and bread proving in the porch. I aspire to Orla Kiely and settle for Boden rip offs. I am, in a word, a cliche.

So, when I ordered my new smart phone (iPhones are so pedestrian, dontchathink?), and they sent a £20 music download certificate with it, I thought- Brillopads! Mumford and Sons for free. Score. They do twiddly guitar and foot stomping, yes?I really like 'The Cave'. That's the one you've heard on the radio. It is, in all seriousness, a very good tune. So is the last track, 'After the Storm'.

The rest.


If David Brent did folk, it would sound like this.It's a bit embarrassing, like finding your sixth form poetry when you're a married mother heading toward 30 (hypothetically *cough* ). The lyrics are clunky and self-aware, in a bad way. The music is folk-by-numbers (if you're in the West Midlands, try to catch Goodbye Lenin. They are what Mumford and Sons should sound like). I'll keep 'The Cave' and I'll keep 'After the Storm'. The rest I shall put to the back of my mind, along with that song I wrote when I was 17 and that time I interrupted a Hiroshima debate to rant about US Foreign Policy on camera. For shame...

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