Saturday, 28 August 2010

A blank canvas.

We have a house. It belongs to my parents, who have rented it out for years, and plan to retire in it eventully (they live in a Vicarage at the moment). Their previous tenants have left and so we are taking it on until they retire.

This is what we are working with:

Our room, with en-suite



Nye's room (which REFUSES to load the right way up!)

The craft/ guest room:

Living room (plus extra sleeping Small Roar)

The garden

The kitchen


My initial feelings are:

  • Paint everything white/ off white/ tinted white. *twitch*
  • Take up the carpet on the stairs and paint the floor boards.
  • Take up the carpet in the bedrooms and paint the floor boards.
  • Sand and repaint banisters/ stair rail.
  • Put white wooden radiator covers over radiators.
We can't do anything about the crappy laminate the previous tenants laid (and then neglected to look after. The only thing worse than laminate is peeling, cracking and scuffed laminate) and it may transpire that the floorboards are in too rough a condition to prime and paint. We also can't afford to replace the kitchen or bathrooms and the tiles are too raised/ patterned to paint over.

So, yes. Eeep!

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  1. Did you ever sand/do anything to the stair rail etc? Our stairway is in a similar state and I'm overwhelmed just by the thought of sorting it out. Wondered if you had any inspiring words.