Thursday, 7 October 2010

That long and winding road, that leads me back...

We holidayed in Pembrokeshire this September. We always arrive back in Wales no matter how hard we may try to diversify. I finally decided this last visit that it is where my heart truly resides- I feel so refreshed and whole when I am there. Even in Swansea...

Some moments from our trip:

The pebbles at CymTydu, replete with toddler wellie.

Some of the carvings from the yurt. The yurt was handcarved in Mongolia and then shipped over here.

The view from the Yurt over the Preseli hills.

The yurt field at sunset

The farmhouse at dawn.


Yurt interior- it could sleep 4 easily, and had a woodburner. Not so perfect when you have a 2 year old needing constant entertainment, but definitely recommended for grown ups!

The Yurt was on Tir Bach farm, run by a really friendly couple. The facilities are fantastic, both for Yurt-ers and campers (we camped there in 2007). If you want to see a part of the world that has standing stones, dolmans, wild rugged countryside, breathtaking bays and red kites swooping above you as you wind through country lanes and past revivalist chapels... then go to Pembs.

The cheese isn't bad either.

Which leads me swiftly on to the British Cheese Awards. We have long been fans of Caws Cenarth, to the point of deliberately holidaying near to Cenarth so we can buy direct from the dairy, and in one memorable case having a box of cheese couriered from Cenarth to Dudley as the cravings were just too strong. Golden Cenarth was one cheese we have been sampling throughout its evolution into the Great British Cheese Awards Best Welsh Cheese, Best semi-soft cheese and overall Supreme Winner 2010. It is an astonishingly smooth, tart, pongy, gooey, rich cheese that has to be tasted to be believed. It is now being served as part of the cheeseboard at The Ivy.  Along with Perl Wen (their standard washed rind) it is worth a 200 mile round trip to buy (something we have also done). If you ever see it- buy it.

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