Thursday, 25 November 2010

Build me up, buttercup.

The house is getting there!

We have finally installed The Shelves. They are not quite the floor to ceiling we were after, but they are looking darn good. A sneak peek:

Yeah, I didn't tidy. 

Ikea Billy in white. 2 large units, 5 small units, 2 CD units. Approx £200 for a full wall of shelving. We love it!

The stairs are also complete. They are painted white, and look glorious. However. They are  not a friend to fluffy slippers and I fell from top to bottom this morning. A stair runner will be our next purchase.

There's a lot still to do, but this house truly feels like 'home'. Small Roar adjusted to the move with no problem at all (bar one small wobble where he thought Daddy Roar had stayed at the old house and we'd moved without him). I look around in the evening, with two puddles of cats draped over the chairs, and the higgeldy piggeldy collection of our education, interests, passions and every cementing feeling of 'family' togetherness filling that wall of shelves and feel a warm, purry contentment.


  1. I have shelf-envy too. A home can never have too many; only not enough.

  2. Aw, you'll have to comfort yourself through shelf-abuse. :(

  3. Leoba- no need to be shelfish.

    (I am on a roll)

  4. I'm loving those shelves! Does anyone else get an irresistable urge to jump into the picture and have a good long look through every one of them?
    I adore looking at what's on other people's shelves :-)

  5. My humans would love your bookshelves =^.^=

  6. Exactly what Jodes said! I love nosying to see what other people have on their book shelves :D

  7. At the risk of seeming unoriginal, SHELF ENVY!

  8. So, when can I visit?